LeMeheux aggressively examines the causes of “under-development” while passionately and scientifically investigating youth unemployment, education modernization, poverty, exclusion, conflict, integrated approaches to rural development, protection of resources, illiteracy, tribal/cultural bias, poor governance, peace-buidling, gender issues, socio-economic challenges, especially community development and community organization on the local, national and global levels. It also evaluates and assesses various sectors of national economies, especially social sectors. It investigates methods of obtaining sustainable food production and food security.

The New Socio-Economic Order

socia_imgAs structural changes take place in the world’s economic and social sectors, LeMeheux International Development strives to highlight and offer training on the importance of green, renewable energy, decent habitat and sustainable environment, as we follow and study the trajectory of the driving force of the economy: Information Communication Technology.

Our staff have evaluated the social sectors of various countries.. They have also written Millenium Development Goal Reports for some countries.