LeMeheux aggressively examines the causes of “under-development” while passionately and scientifically investigating youth unemployment, education modernization, poverty, exclusion, conflict, integrated approaches to rural development, protection of resources, illiteracy, tribal/cultural bias, poor governance, peace-buidling, gender issues, socio-economic challenges, especially community development and community organization on the local, national and global levels. It also evaluates and assesses various sectors of national economies, especially social sectors. It investigates methods of obtaining sustainable food production and food security.

Dr. Melsome Nelson-Richards

Dr. Melsome Nelson-Richards, the CEO and founder of Lemeheux international development corporation- an S corporation, is an emeritus tenured associate professor of sociology at the state university of New York, college at Oswego.

He was awarded his Ph.d at the state university of Amsterdam in the Netherlands where he concentrated on sociology of development and development anthropology as well as development economics. He started his tertiary education in the United Kingdom, but completed it in the Netherlands; in the United Kingdom, he did his field research for his Masters degree in Scotland under the auspices of Edinburgh university in Scotland and the university of Leiden, also in the Netherlands. Dr. Nelson Richards has undertaken numerous field research projects, both policy oriented and academic, with the policy oriented assignments being largely for multilateral development organizations such as the United Nations and some of its specialized agencies, the world bank, and the African development bank;
Melsome has considerable field experience in Africa, the Caribbean and Europe. He is a member of numerous professional organization some of which are listed on the site.